Forefront advances talent acquisition by connecting employers to qualified people and people to the careers they want.


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Forefront Connect helps employers find qualified workers, and helps workers find the jobs they want.
Forefront Class gives workers training in the soft and hard skills that make them more valuable.
The Forefront team draws from management and staffing expertise to deliver working solutions.

About Forefront

Forefront advances talent acquisition by connecting employers to qualified people and people to the careers they want. Its web-based app drives the right employer-talent connections and offers training opportunities that allow workers to increase their value, show proof of their skills and earn incentives. The result is a smoother staffing process and more reliable, valuable and lasting results. Founded by military veterans, doctors, nurses and management and IT professionals, Forefront combines technology, expertise and compassion to relieve the pain of the staffing process.

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newBlue addresses the skills gap and workforce shortages in manufacturing, logistics and related industries by equipping workers and employers to work at full capacity.
Pathway takes the pain out of healthcare staffing by improving the staffing process and generating placements that meet the long-term needs of nurses and providers.

Our Services

Bridge the skills gap with technology and training

Today’s employers face a shortage of skilled workers, and their attempts to find good workers often leave them frustrated, as staffing firms send them people who are not qualified, do not fit with the employer’s organization or do not stay.

Forefront will change this scenario with a web-based app that connects employers to the right people and people to the careers they want. It will allow employers to search for candidates based on criteria they choose, and its training module will allow employees to increase their value and map out career paths focused on growth and advancement.

Hiring people is an art, not a science. / Howard Schultz

Our Team

The people leading Forefront provide a unique blend of experience and expertise from their backgrounds as entrepreneurs, military veterans, doctors, nurses and management and IT professionals.

Kyle McDonald, Chief Executive Officer
A veteran of the U.S Airforce and U.S. Army who has developed applications and websites for 20 years as a freelance IT consultant, project manager and developer, Kyle also helped to grow and manage the development arm of an IT firm specializing in medium-sized businesses. A graduate of the U.S. Army LPN program, Kyle served at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before returning home to Indiana, where he managed a 30-bed unit before moving into travel nursing. Kyle is working toward a bachelor’s degree in business management at Excelsior College plans to pursue an MBA.

Katie Kasper, President & Chief Quality Officer
A registered nurse who developed qualitative research into nursing shift reports, Katie most recently served as a staff nurse on an inpatient transplant unit and as a clinical nurse coordinator at an outpatient adult subspecialty clinic. Board certified through the American Academy of Ambulatory Care Nurses, she is a graduate of the Indiana University School of Nursing and a student and practitioner of Lean process improvement. For her work as founder of a nonprofit dance company, Katie received the Governor’s Award for Tomorrow’s Leaders from Mitch Daniels and the WRTV6 Leadership Award.

Andy McMillan, Executive Vice President
and Chief Operating Officer

A disabled U.S. Army veteran and experienced operations manager, Andy is dedicated to helping fellow veterans find meaningful jobs in the civilian workforce. He enlisted in the U.S. Army Reserve in 2007 and entered active duty one year later. After serving as a safety and compliance manager at Fort Bragg, NC, he was medically retired in 2011 due to injuries sustained while serving. He then attended Devry University, graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor’s in business administration and magna cum laude with an master’s in business administration.


Raj Vuppalanchi, Advisor and Lead Investor
Raj is a practicing physician with experience in medical content, clinical care, administration, personnel management and mentorship. He also leads a group of angel investors who invest in Indiana-based health care startups.

People are not your most important asset.
The right people are.
/ Jim Collins